Farmers Market

  • Farm Store: W-F 12:30-5:30, Sat 9-2

Artisans Kitchen

General information
The Market’s state of the art certified kitchen is equipped to assist in regional economic development to small businesses as development initiatives - for businesses just starting out, or companies outgrowing their current facilities. We provide entrepreneurs, producers, and processors properly equipped, licensed, and inspected food processing kitchens at reasonable rentals without the initial investment in costly facilities and equipment. The Market’s IK is unique as it is equipped with a wood fired brick bake oven.
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Rules and Regulations
More information to come soon.
Rates and Reservations
CLICK HERE for the Facility Fee Schedule. You can also contact the Incubator Kitchen Manager at

Training and certification classes offered
This is unique to our region and we are excited to make this opportunity available to our community. We can help you find resources to make your business grow! Email us today!